Axel Pérez, born in San Francisco and raised in Barcelona, ​​heads to Spain after 6 months spent consolidating Australian growth.

Returning to Our Origins

Numu have decided to conduct a pilot in Spain after more than 8,000 download requests, and agreements with online companies including Scotta 1985, Mohel and Old Dogs. The project is led by Carlos Fernández, Numu’s founder.

Since launching our Beta campaign in Spain in 2018, we have decided to make our return into the Spanish market backed by two of the top universities in Australia, the University of Adelaide and UNSW (the University of New South Wales), as well as several innovation centres. Our recent private funding round includes senior management software from the best companies in the world!

Numu is a free app which allows any user to subscribe to their favourite companies and receive personalised benefits in real time.
What makes this app innovative is that our technology allows users to connect their social networks and (in a totally private way) automatically track and reward points every time you promote brands through stories, tags or mentions!

These points are translated into benefits to make your word of mouth value count. This function democratises the concept of influence, making it accessible to everyone.

Our Plan

@Ainanowack, one of our Sevillian profiles

Numu seeks to grow sustainably by focusing on three areas: gathering online fashion companies nationwide, building our #NumuFamily community of micro-influential users with exclusive benefits, and through agreements with iconic restaurants and leisure spaces in the Andalusian capital.

Our plan follows in the footsteps of Australia, where Numu has grown at a rapid rate, gathering more than 30 physical brands per month, displacing any Numu competitors.

The official opening of our first Spanish office will be on 10/06/2019. Our team will be located in the heart of the city in Federico Sanchez Bedoya, N20, Floor 1, Office 3.

The App is free to download from the App Store.

Try it here

Companies interested in being involved in our launch can contact us through

Published by Carlos López

Founder of NumuWorld

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